(Buying and Selling)

Why do short sales make sense?

A brilliant alternative to “walking-away” FOR SELLERS, probable ROI increase FOR BUYERS & motivation to recoup partial loan FOR BANKS. Short Sales create viable options, less so in a Foreclosure Sale.

Click below if you are a Seller or Buyer of a Short Sale.

Get the best deal with Short Sales Miami Beach

Short selling is the selling of property on a mortgage at a price lower than the actual one and accepted by the lender. This mode of real-estate business can be beneficial financially to the buying party but carries a lot of legal complexities with it. So, if you looking to do a Short Sales Miami Beach of a property, it is best to get the help of our experts of Liquid Capital Realty.

Our experience and Short Sale Solutions Miami Beach can maintain your interest and save every party from the strain of foreclosure sale.

Looking out for the client

Although a Short Sales Miami Beach may seem like a great deal for you, the conditions attached to the sale are needed to be properly considered. It is not uncommon that the lender may try to collect the shortage from the next buyer. They may even require written confirmation from the buyer about the shortage replenishment.

Therefore, it would be best to go for Short Sale Solutions Miami Beach provided by our skilled and experienced personnel. They can give you fruitful advice about the correct property to invest and the conditions to agree to.

Selecting the correct property

Usually, a Short Sales Miami Beach will be preferred by both the lender and borrower; the lender would like to get whatever he can and the borrower can pay a reduced amount and avoid the embarrassment of foreclosure. Therefore, it would be better to contact us for our Short Sale Solutions Miami Beach before you proceed with any deal.

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